Political Power

We build political power by increasing the voting power of the Asian American electorate at the regional and national level.

Voting Rights

We work to eliminate discriminatory barriers to voting, to enforce the Voting Rights Act (VRA) whenever necessary, and advocate for its restoration. 

We provide technical assistance and training on many voter-related issues, including language assistance mandated by the VRA, voter suppression, and election reform.

Visit our Election 2020 page to learn more.

Community Partners Network

We build a movement of civically engaged Asian Americans through our Community Partners Network (CPN), which is comprised of 130-community-based organizations across 30 states. Recognizing the rapidly growing Asian American population in our nation’s South and Midwest regions, our CPN strengthens the capacity of local community-based organizations in these regions to advance and protect the rights of Asian Americans and other communities of color.

Youth Leadership Summit

We train and engage college students to improve their advocacy and leadership skills so that they are better able to engage in effecting policy change in their campus and home communities.