2016 Asian American Voter Guide

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC
| August 12, 2016

Learn about the Asian American electorate in 2016 and where presidential candidates stand on the issues that matter most to our community.

This voter guide is designed to help you understand the growing power of the Asian American electorate and to help you understand where the presidential candidates stand on issues important to the Asian American community.

The ability to vote is a fundamental right in our democracy. Currently, the registration rates for racial and ethnic minorities, naturalized citizens and young adults remain lower in comparison to other groups. It is essential for eligible Asian Americans to register and vote so that we are not left out of the electoral process. Asian Americans are growing in numbers and strength and our participation can make the difference in determining who wins this election.

Infographic about Asian American voters

By 2060 it is projected that one out of every ten Americans will be Asian American. But Asian Americans continue to be overlooked by both political parties, despite the growth of this community. In a recent survey of Asian American voters, 73% have not been contacted by the Republican Party and 62% have not been contacted by the Democratic Party.

By 2060 it is projected that one out of every ten Americans will be Asian American.

We exercise our political power when Asian Americans participate in our democracy by voting and holding our elected officials accountable. We encourage you to use this guide as you review candidates up and down the ticket. Our politicians need to know that the Asian American community is not only watching the political process but ready to cast our votes.