Telecommunications and Technology

As access to technology transitions from being a benefit to an absolute necessity in our everyday lives, understanding the telecommunications- and technology-related needs of our diverse community becomes increasingly important. While digital innovation continues to be a boon for Asian Americans, it also represents a potential source of mischief and real-world harm. Our work focuses on ensuring that the principles of opportunity, fairness, and equity are protected online.

 Our work focuses on ensuring that the principles of opportunity, fairness, and equity are protected online.

Community Resource Hub

Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC is excited to introduce a collection of resources about important telecommunications and technology issues that not only represent hot topics of debate on Capitol Hill, but also impact our daily lives as individuals navigating the digital age. We hope these resources can serve as a foundation to help you better understand how emerging and rapidly developing technologies, as well as crucial telecommunications programs, affect AAPI communities and other communities of color.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

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The ACP, run by the FCC, offers a monthly discount to offset the cost of broadband internet subscriptions, helping those that are struggling with connectivity get and stay connected. Learn more and access free resources here.

Diversity in Tech

While many technology companies have taken steps to address the lack of racial and gender diversity in the technology sector, they have yet to collectively build effective tools for recruiting, retaining, and promoting employees of diverse backgrounds. Advancing Justice | AAJC continues to work to ensure that communities of color are not left behind in the world of innovation and advancement.

AAPI Tech Table

Through the AAPI Tech Table, Advancing Justice | AAJC engages other Asian American organizations on critical technology-related issues. Together, our organizations work on formulating comprehensive digital privacy policies and combatting biased digital surveillance, online toxicity, and violence-inciting content.