Stipulated Court Order Resolves Preliminary Injunction Motion by Plaintiff Arizona Asian American Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander for Equity Coalition

September 8, 2022

Arizona Officials Prohibited from Taking Any Action to Implement or Enforce Arizona HB 2243 to Remove Voters or Disqualify Ballots in November 2022 Election

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Legal Brief

A federal judge in Arizona signed a stipulated order resolving the AZ AANHPI for Equity Coalition’s request for a preliminary injunction of House Bill 2243 in the ongoing lawsuit related to that bill and House Bill 2492. HB 2243 is a voter purge bill that targets voters of color and naturalized voters in Arizona, which could have had sweeping effects on the upcoming November election. The order, agreed to by all defendants and entered by the court, stipulates and orders that the defendants will not take any action to implement or enforce HB 2243 in a manner that would remove voter eligibility or disqualify any otherwise valid ballots prior to January 2023—effectively ending the threat of the law for the November 2022 election.