Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights Coalition Urges FCC to Collect EEO-1 Data

September 29, 2022

Advancing Justice | AAJC joins over 230 civil rights organizations in urging collection of EEO-1 data by broadcasters, cable operators, and other distributors.

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The Leadership Conference’s recent report, “Information Nation: The Need for Improved Federal Civil Rights Data Collection,” highlights the importance of data collection in tackling the problems created by structural racism, inequality, and other injustices. Without complete, accurate, and disaggregated data, it is impossible to develop a full understanding of how the communities we represent are faring. As the report concludes, while better data collection will not solve the challenges created by systemic racism and historic levels of inequality, it is a necessary first step.

This begins with collecting and publishing EEO-1 data by broadcasters, cable operators, and other multichannel video programming distributors and ensuring these data are made public via an easy-to-use portal that can also be used to aggregate data on state-by-state and regional bases and according to other factors, such as various demographic categories.