Count On Your Census

April 22, 2020

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Asian Americans Advancing Justice created Count on Your Census to promote a robust response to our nation’s Decennial Census. You have probably heard a lot of confusing messages about the 2020 Census and are wondering where it stands. Why do I need to fill out the form? What happened to that citizenship question and is my personal information safe if I complete the form? How can historically undercounted groups - Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Latinx, Arab American, Native Americans, LGBTQ, and children - be fairly represented? Count on Your Census answers those questions and connects you to a growing movement to Get out the Count.

Each census response is a piece of a puzzle that, when completed, creates a picture of who we are as Americans, and how best the country’s resources can be shared. It determines how the federal government funds and responds to the specific needs of your family and neighbors like schools, hospitals, roads, and community centers. It determines how many seats a state has in the House of Representatives and, as a result, how your community’s voice is heard by policymakers in Congress.

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