Combatting Anti-Blackness: Resources for the Asian American Community

April 28, 2023

An updated compilation of resources, reading lists, and more on ending anti-Blackness for the Asian American community. Full resource available for download.

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Fact Sheet

We stand together with our Black siblings to fight for transformative change to a system that incarcerates, dehumanizes, and oppresses Black Americans. This compilation of resources is a starting point for education, discussion, and how to be effective allies in dismantling white supremacy and anti-blackness.

Full resource available for download.

Understanding the History between Black and Asian Communities

UN-Learn: Anti-Blackness

UN-Learn: The Model Minority Myth

How to be an Ally

How to Speak to Your Family, Friends, & Loved Ones

Additional Readings on Race & Racism

Dive Deeper

Reading Lists
Resource Lists

Previous resource list (Updated 2020): Resources for the Asian American Community on Anti-Blackness | Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AAJC