Asian American Tech Table Letter of Support for Rosenworcel and Sohn Confirmation

November 16, 2021

Asian American organizations urge swift confirmation of Jessica Rosenworcel and Gigi B. Sohn to Chairman and Commissioner of the FCC

At a time when access to reliable, diverse news and information, as well as affordable broadband and communications, is paramount, a fully staffed Federal Communications Commission is top priority for the nation. Ms. Rosenworcel and Ms. Sohn are exemplary nominees for Chairwoman and Commissioner of the FCC, and it is critical that they are confirmed as soon as possible to restore the FCC to its full capacity. The confirmation of Ms. Rosenworcel and Ms. Sohn will build an FCC that is better equipped to effectively protect consumers and implement more equitable policies for all our communities. It is in that spirt that we urge the Senate to swiftly confirm Jessica Rosenworcel and Gigi Sohn to the FCC.