Advancing Justice - AAJC Joins National Disinfo Defense League in Submitting a Letter for the Record in the Hearing “Digital Dragnets: Examining the Government's Access to Your Personal Data”

July 19, 2022

Now is the moment for Congress to enact robust protections against digital dragnets and to advance a civil rights agenda for all online users.

The Disinfo Defense League, or DDL, is a distributed national network of over 230 grassroots, community-based organizations that are building a collective defense against disinformation campaigns that deliberately target Black, Latinx, Asian American, and other communities of color.

We are deeply concerned by systemic problems posed by the complex set of digital tactics, extractive data practices, and manipulative tech platform and app designs that undermine confidence in our democracy, sow distrust among Americans in our public health institutions, disenfranchise voters, and chill engagement for our communities. All of these practices contribute to the weaponization of online narratives that target our communities.