Opinion in Mi Familia Vota et al v. Fontes et al Arizona Case

March 1, 2024

The federal district court in Phoenix, Arizona Strikes Down Discriminatory Provisions in Mi Familia Vota et al v. Fontes et al Case

The court decision in Mi Familia Vota v. Fontes et al struck down several key provisions of H.B. 2492 and H.B. 2243 (“Challenged Voting Laws”) providing major wins in protecting eligible, naturalized voters in communities of color. As a result of this litigation, Arizona cannot require birthplace information be provided, reject voter registrants for failing to meet unnecessary technical requirements while registering to vote, exclude certain voters from Presidential elections and mail-in ballots, conduct systematic removal of voters based on database searches within 90 days of a federal election, and subject naturalized voters to additional burdens based on racist “reasons to believe” that they are not citizens.