Advancing Justice | AAJC Condemns Race-Motivated Shooting in Jacksonville

Calls for Nationwide Condemnation of the White Supremacist Ideology Espoused by the Shooter
For Immediate Release
Michelle Boykins (202) 296-2300, ext. 0144
Louise Liu (202) 657-7413

Washington, DC — August 28, 2023 — Three people were murdered tragically in a mass shooting that took place at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida on August 26, 2023.

In response to this tragic and senseless shooting, John C. Yang, Advancing Justice | AAJC’s President and Executive Director issues the following statement:

“As thousands of people from the Black, Asian, Latino, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, and other allied communities came together for the 60th Anniversary of the first March on Washington, a young white man was plotting to take the innocent lives of people in a Black Jacksonville, Florida community in what can only be described as a shooting motivated by hate and a white supremacist ideology.  

“Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC extends our deepest sympathy to the families of those murdered on Saturday. We pray for the emotional healing of those who feared for their lives as the shooting began and those who witnessed the tragedy.  

“We need individuals from every segment of society to strongly condemn acts of violence and hatred like this shooting. As we push forward with a need to create a fair, multi-racial society and a democracy that reflects the diversity of our nation, we know those who are fearful of historical truths and the movement to make America a fair and equitable place for all will continue to try to stop our progress. We will not be deterred.”

“The disease of racism has many strands, and we must be ready to cut each strand in every community that is targeted with unprovoked violence for simply shopping in a store, walking down the street, or living in our homes.

“We must continue to strive toward an end to racism and discrimination in this country.”