Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on The Leslie Marshall Show

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John C. Yang (Advancing Justice | AAJC) and Lakshmi Sridaran (SAALT) talk about Asian Americans, current issues, and all things APAHM.

Guest host, Anisha Singh, interviews John C. Yang and Lakshmi Sridaran about Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which celebrates the culture, traditions, and history of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

More than 22 million Asian Americans and nearly 1.6 million Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders live in the U.S.  And 92 percent of Asian Americans are immigrants or the children of immigrants and nearly two-thirds of all Asian Americans today are foreign-born.

The Asian American and Pacific Islander community is incredibly diverse, comprising nearly 50 different ethnicities, more than 100 languages, and numerous religions.