Advancing Equity Through Visionary Leadership

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A press release from Comcast quoting President and Executive Director, John C. Yang

John Yang President, Executive Director Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC.

“Leaders of color need to be bold and courageous, especially in the Asian American community, where there has been a tendency to “wait for our turn.” Often, because of overt discrimination or implicit bias, Asian Americans and other marginalized communities are spoken over, not called on, or forgotten in conversations even when they are the experts. We need to use our voice, although that may make the existing power structure uncomfortable. Leaders of color also need to act and not let perfection stand in our way. Too often, we recognize that we are under increased scrutiny and feel the need to be better qualified or better prepared before we are willing to act. Especially in this moment, we need to act now — even if that means making some mistakes along the way.”