Asian American Leaders Reflect on Obama’s Legacy for the Community

Published in NBC News on

Asian American leaders share some of their memories of their time working under the Obama administration.

Mee Moua, Executive Director and President, Asian Americans Advancing Justice

On many occasions, President Obama has said that when he's among the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, he was among family. To many AAPIs, he is family -- he grew up in Hawaii where his Asian American sister and her husband still live and where his family visits often. As a member of the AAPI community, I've had the honor and privilege of sitting at the same table with the most powerful person in the world. The President always welcomed policy ideas and kept an open mind in hearing our community's issues and potential solutions. Even when we've differed on tactics or strategies, it has been both an honor and a privilege to be part of many task force meetings with President Barack Obama during his years at the White House.