Skip Rhodes

Skip Rhodes and Associates, LLC

Skip Rhodes is President of Skip Rhodes & Associates, a consulting firm in strategic corporate and non-profit philanthropic organizational and community activities.

He was with the Chevron Corporation for 46 years, where from 1986 - 2005 he was Manager, Corporate Community Involvement, responsible for managing and directing all consolidated charitable and business expense contributions and community engagement programs for the corporation and participating Chevron companies worldwide.

His group carried out the annual budget that ranged from $65 to $84 million, and provided programs and contributions guidance and direction to field public affairs managers and Chevron operating companies in over 120 countries.

During his time with Chevron, he held various positions in the field of transportation, logistics and supply, marketing, antitrust litigation, business planning, government affairs and public affairs.

A San Francisco native, Rhodes was raised in Berkeley, CA and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.  Following graduation, he served as an infantry officer with the U.S. Army.

From 1986-1994, Rhodes was a Council Member of the Piedmont, Calif., City Council and was Mayor from 1990-1992.  He served with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from 1978-1994 and was director, Joint Operations Staff (NATO) from 1984-1994.  He was the founding president - Board of Directors of a San Francisco Bay Area private school for five years.  He is a Past President and current member of the Board of Governors of the Commonwealth Club of California, current member of World Affairs Council of Northern California Board and was a member of the Board of Directors for the Council on Foundations in Washington, D.C., from 1993-1999 and Board Chair from 1996-1998.